Friday, June 10, 2011

Wherefore art this

Why Bubbles and Dirt?

Why a new blog?   While I have my family/home/garden blog and my travel blog I wanted to dedicate something to my writing, specifically, to my poetry.  I wanted to create a space in my own mind where I was "just writing" and to create a space in my mind it sometimes helps to create a space on a "page".  This is that page.  I will for sure often link back to the other blogs because my writing does not happen in a vacuum, it is part and parcel of that family, home, and garden and our travels and is fueled by them.

Why bubbles and dirt?   Bubbles represent the ephemeral, fleeting, floating aspects of life.  They are wild and free.  Dreamy, transient, transparent.     Dirt is that which grounds us, roots us.  Holds us steady and strong.  It nurtures our souls, strengthens our hearts, soothes our minds.  

With our roots firmly in the soil we are free to dream, without fear of getting lost.   We all need bubbles and dirt.

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